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Our Story

Our Story

Hi I am Antony Cox, my wife Melody and I are the founders of Your Real Food Connection.

Having grown up on the farm and then attending agricultural college in high school, farming has always been in my blood.

However as a professional in the civils industry for the past 16 years, building and managing a successful civils company, there has not been a tremendous amount of time to fully pursue the farming route, besides our small lifestyle farm in Assagay. The idea of establishing this online platform is really a coming together of my wife Melody and my passions of healthy living and business, and a love of the farm.

What we are so very excited about is supporting our local farmers and artisans, by giving them a platform to showcase their products and sharing the ethos behind their business, and by doing this reconnect our community with their farmers and to know how and where their food is produced.

All of that is just an addition to bringing real healthy food back into our homes again.

We look forward to the journey, together with our farmers and our community.

Mel, lovely Leila and cheeky monkey Ben


As a mom and coming from a nutrition background I go to great lengths to find food I trust to put onto my families table, I know how expensive and time consuming finding real healthy food can be, we have done our best to source good local produce and make it simple for you to feed your family right.
On our platform I will offer weekly recipes and lunch box ideas, using our seasons best!

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