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Meet Your Farmers

  • Meet Zof from The Chicken Shed… “Ken and I had a dream 20 years ago to live in the country and raise free range chickens as well as perhaps a few horses for our pleasure. We arrived on this farm with nothing, the land was bare and there was no house or barn, we built it brick-by-brick Whilst it has taken blood sweat and tears to get us to this point, I must say it has been worth it. We have made the most amazing friends as customers, some who have literally been buying our chicken for almost 18 years. We are passionate about our farm, our people, our family and our product. We are determined to keep this intimate farm style business and raise our, yet to be born, grandchildren here in the peace and tranquility we know as home!” “We at The Chicken Shed offer only the best […]
  • Meet Craig Miller from Sunnyvale Farm… Craig farms beautiful organic veggies on a small plot right here in the Assagay valley!
  • Meet Lee-Ann, creator of Gluten-Free Goodness Our inspiration…… My son was diagnosed with gluten intolerance a few years ago and I found it a struggle to maintain a healthy diet for him. I found most gluten-free products were either full of preservatives or packed with sugar. They were often very crumbly and unappetising. Over time I began experimenting with blends of gluten free flours and started converting my tried and tested baking recipes to gluten free baked goods my son could enjoy. Over time family and friends started recommending my goodies to people struggling to convert to a gluten-free diet and so Gluten Free Goodness was born. Our belief….. Gluten Free Goodness is a family run business specialising in gluten, egg and dairy-free products. We believe that people with wheat and gluten sensitivities can have delicious baked goods without preservatives and additives using natural products to increase the nutritional value […]
  • WHY BONNIE BIO IS HERE Since the invention of petroleum-based plastic, around 165 million tonnes of it has been reported to find its way in our oceans. Estimates suggest that more than 8 million tonnes of plastic currently end up in our oceans each year and that number is growing. The research shows that up to 50% of plastic is used only once and then thrown away and that we’re only recycling 9% of the plastic we’re using. Traditional petroleum-based plastic not only takes up to 500 years to decompose but also leaches toxic chemicals into the environment while decomposing. We are slowly ruining our planet and it’s time to change this. Bonnie Bio wants to make a difference. We believe that the use of our certified compostable and biodegradable products will contribute to the sustainability of the planet for our current and future generations by offering alternative options to petroleum-based plastics, without […]
  • Introducing Nonhlanhla “Ma” Joye Nonhlanhla is a social entrepreuner whose purpose is to Stop Hunger by empowering people to grow their own food! ‘It takes a village to raise a child Growing gardens in our schools, providing organic produce for families in need, bringing students into the kitchen, and teaching high school students the business end of farming, all contribute to a healthier and more informed community’   #Umgibe
  • Introducing Chef Rum… Chef Rum is a family run business based in Assagay KZN.  I started this business in 2015 alongside my wife who is responsible for our marketing.  We are both keen foodies drawn to Conscious Cuisine and our passion being street food. I am originally from Israel, so falafel has been a staple meal in my life.  I saw a gap in the market for a conscious falafel.  It has been a long haul trying many combinations alongside the actual falafel balls but we have found a winning combo.   We started selling our falafel at a range of markets, events and festivals on a small to medium scale.  Our product is not massed produced as we do not want to lose the authenticity of the ingredients or our passion for making it. Our stand has always been clean, practical and simple.  Whilst we know that marketing is […]