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August 25, 2019

Biz Highlight

Your Real Food Connection {Biz Highlight}
June 23, 2019

Bacteria and Human Health

It is a fact that the role and importance of bacteria in human health has been grossly underestimated and generally misunderstood by members of the public. This brief overview will help to provide a vital understanding of bacteria in its relationship to the human body, and how the handling of bacteria alone opens the door to a new era in human health. INTRODUCTION The gastro-intestinal tract’s healthy function relies on the presence of beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bacteria aid in digestion, correct pH balance (acidity), the processing of nutrients and the prevention of the build up of harmful bacteria. The bacteria in your bowels outnumber the cells in your body by a factor of ten to one. This gut flora has incredible power over the immune system, meaning that the health of the body is largely tied into the health of the gut. This becomes understandable when one looks at the […]
April 25, 2019

Hi from the Real Food Team!

Be our connection! Our mission at Your Real Food Connection is to reconnect our community with local farmers and artisans and improve our quality of life through access to real, ethically farmed local food. Through this process we aim to support and encourage independent producers of quality food products. We are your online farmers market and will bring the seasons best conveniently to your door!
February 26, 2019

Why seasonal?

Eating what is in season is working with what our body’s need at that time, its how we are meant to eat! Why should we eat seasonally… Abundance- in season produce costs less and is more readily available Reduced food miles- the distance, fuel, transportation etc. it takes for your food to travel from where it’s grown to get to you. Food that tastes better- been ripened naturally by weather conditions it’s most suited to and not refrigerated for extended periods of time. Offers variety- different vegetables are available throughout the year. Nutrient dense produce- the nutritional value of fruit and veg begins to decline as soon as they are harvested, so food that has traveled far has lost most of its goodness.   Eating fresh produce that is in season helps improve your health, local economy and environment!